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Don't take my word for it. Listen to what other corporate bloggers think. At this page I link to articles and posts where bloggers write or are interviewed about their experiences.

Company: 800-CEO-READ (Business books)

Source: CorporateBloggingBlog - Corporate Blogger Todd Sattersten
Blog: 800CEOREAD Blog

"For 800CEOREAD, we want to further establish ourselves as experts in business books. With our blog, we have created a place where customers and prospects spend more time with our brand. We give them book reviews. We expose them to authors. We give them an inside view into the publishing industry. For people who love business books, we are the best single source for information."

Company: Duct Tape Marketing (Small business marketing)

Source: CorporateBloggingBlogg - John Jantsch
Blog: The Duct Tape Marketing Blog

"I think the lesson is that the weblog can be just another form of marketing, much like the Internet itself. Smart marketers are adding it to the mix, but not necessarily looking at it as a way to revolutionalize marketing as we know it."

Company: John Mudd (Real Estate)

Source: CorporateBloggingBlog - Corporate Blogger John Mudd

John Mudd is a real estate agent in Florida with a very active interest in corporate blogging. His company weblog at provides him with a way to network with current, past and even future clients. "I'm sharing my thoughts with them openly and honestly, and considering how rare that is in the modern world, it's no wonder that I'm able to translate blogging into business", he says.

Company: Kuhlman Auction

Source: CorporateBloggingBlog - Corporate Blogger Ed Kuhlman
Blog: The Kuhlman Auction Weblog

I feel that one of my competitive advantages is my written communication ability. The blog gives me a chance to use this skill. Even though my competition could easily have their own blog, most of them won't do it because they may not have the same level of comfort with written communication.

Company: Northfield Construction Company (Construction)

Source: CorporateBloggingBlog - Corporate Blogger Ray Cox
Blog: The NCC Weblog

Ray Cox pretty much hated the electronic world, he says. He found it very impersonal and full of old news. But in 2002 a friend of his talked to him about weblogs. "I liked what I saw, and as they say, the rest is history... I was off and blogging".

Company: unstatic (Emerging Mobile Technologies)

Source: CorporateBloggingBlog - Corporate Blogger Russell Buckley
Blog: The Mobile Technology Weblog

Blogging gives Russell Buckley of The Mobile Technology Weblog quality market exposure he couldn't get in any other way. Speaking about the corporate structures that restrains blogging, he says that "if you're worried about what employees might write about you, you've got some pretty fundamental problems in the company".

Company: The Security Awareness Company (Information Security)

Source: CorporateBloggingBlog - Corporate Blogging At The Security Awareness Company
Blog: Security Awareness for Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless

Greg Hoffman: "The company has been around for 15 years but blogging has helped brand our company as the premier Security Awareness team in the industry; all while saving us time and money."

Company: CoreStreet (Software)

Source: Marketingsherpa - Software Company President's Blog Proves a Publicity & Search Optimization Bonanza

When his PR guy asked him to write a blog, CoreSteet President Phil Libin said no.
"Chuck was kicking around the idea of using a blog as a corporate communication device. I never got that excited about it being an official thing because a lot of corporate blogs are thinly disguised press releases dressed up to look hip," Libin explains. "We have better resources to get out press releases." But, PR guy Chuck Tanowitz persisted. "What better way to position Phil as an industry thought leader than to create a body of work that would continually grow?"

Company: JKL (PR)

Source: PR meets the WWW - Q&A: Billy McCormac on Corporate Blogging
Blog: JKL Blog

More often than not, the idea for an enterprise blog is hatched by the rank and file. The key is to increase awareness and understanding of blogs among senior managers. "Evangelists" need to quell concern by presenting their case in terms management can relate to.

Company: Macromedia (Software)

Source: BtoB - Corporate blogs make personal connection
Blog: Several, for example John Dowdell's News for MX Developers

For starters, Hale recommends finding passionate, knowledgeable employees to author corporate blogs. For Macromedia, that meant tapping its evangelists, an existing job title that includes plenty of time spent interacting directly with customers. Adding a blog to the evangelist tool kit gave them one more channel to reach customers, Hale said.

Company: Nike/Gawker Media

Source: - Nike-Gawker deal tests 'Art of Speed' online feature

Beyond counting on the cool factor, Nike isn't measuring response. "We're getting some good visitation on right now [as a result of Art of Speed]. Look what's being said about us," Mr. Tobecksen said. "But we don't think there's any [precise] way of quantifying response."