Read Blogs?

There are basically three ways to read a blog: Visit the web page, use an online news aggregator or download a reader.
Ordinary browsing doesn't need any explanation. If you can use a browser, which you obviously can…, you can read blogs (where do I find blogs?).

Soon you'll discover more and more blogs you want to read. That's where the so called feeds will help you. Most blogs are published both on web sites and as feeds. To put it simply, the feed means that you don't have to visit the site to read its content. You can subscribe to updates and have them delivered to you.

Screenshot from Bloglines

The fastest way to start is with online news aggregators. They're really easy to use and you of course have the advantage of being able to reach them from any computer. I use - and recommend - Bloglines. Create an account and start subscribing to feeds.

Another option is to use news aggregators that you download and install in your computer. Search Google for "news aggregator" or "rss reader" and you will find many alternatives. Personally I like NewsGator that runs in Microsoft Outlook. Make sure that your aggregator reads both RSS- and Atom-feeds, if not many blogs will be out of your reach.

It's as simple as that.

Finding Blogs?

It's actually not a problem. Once you found one or two blogs you like they will link to more blogs. And more, and more… You could also try searching for blogs in search engines that specializes in blogs/feeds. You should of course add your own blog to all of these as well.

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