Publish Blogs?

You don't have to buy anything to start blogging.
You don't need to know coding.
At least not to start with. The most well-known free blog publishing system is Blogger and they also offer free blog hosting. It works fine and is fully customizable to fit your needs and design (but then you'll have to do some coding). You can integrate it with any site. Our blog is run by Blogger.

Blog at your corporate domain or not?
It's not an easy question. Blogs at your own domain will be perceived as more closely connected to your organization. On the other hand, you might feel more restricted.
Here's one idea: If you're establishing yourself (or the CEO etc) as an expert, use a separate domain. If you're trying to strenghten relationships, use your own domain.

If you're new to blogging an alternative like this probably is the best way to start.

No doubt, free services pose a problem. You never know how long they will be free, or even available at all. What will happen to your data if they shut down?

Considering that our focus is corporate communications it's generally not a good idea to rely on free services, no matter if we're talking about blogging or other services.

That leaves you with two more options:

  1. Paying for a service like Blogger, e.g. TypePad.
  2. Buy a blog publishing system. An example of this is MovableType.

Just don't overdo it. While ordinary web projects always are technical to some degree, blog projects don't have to be. They shouldn't be from the start. If you've never blogged it's much more important to get to know the format. How does it work? How can you use it for business?

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