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I have decided to focus all my attention to my own corporate blog. I started this one at a time when there were, more or less, no discussion about social media in the Swedish/Scandinavian blogosphere. Now there are and it makes more sense to be part of that.

We have also seen an explosion of international blogs on this subject. Whatever role I may have thought this blog could have, there are so many others doing it now. Keep on going. I read many of you!

But -- there's always a "but" right -- who knows what the future brings? So for the time being I'm leaving it all here as it is. Your links here won't be broken. And if you don't think it litters your feed reader too much, why not stay subscribed...?

Thanks for all comments, e-mails and other contacts. If you by some strange accident of life should wake up one morning and being able to read Swedish I really recommend reading my Swedish stuff :-)

Posted by Fredrik Wackå Sunday, April 09, 2006
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