Linkblog, the safe way of blogging

I like Steve's idea of linkblogging as a way of trying blogging, without actually blogging.

You can do it real easy, without any blog service, blog software or technical support.
1. Register for a account.
2. Create a specific tag for the links you want in your "linkblog".
3. Grab the RSS feed at the bottom of your page for that tag.
4. Create a JavaScript of that feed. Feed2JS is a good service.
5. Paste the JavaScript to your web site/web templates.

Now you've got a linkblog integrated in your corporate site. It won't be long before you want to add value yourself, and then it's time to start blogging for real. If that never happens you'll know blogging isn't for you.

(If you have very heavy traffic I wouldn't recommend JavaScript. But then on the other hand you probably have a programmer on your staff that you can get support from.)

Posted by Fredrik Wackå Sunday, June 19, 2005
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