Let's not forget the small ones

With a lot of metablogging focus on the really big corporations, I sometimes need to remind myself about the great use of blogs in many small companies and organisation. Here are a few examples from my list of European corporate and organizational blogs.

Hotel del pintor in Màlaga, Spain has just started to blog. Many hotels could do what they apparently are going to do -- blog about interesting things going on in their town. It doesn't have to be more difficult than that.

In Denmark the Danish Epilepsy Association blogs. We find everything from practical tips and advice to announcements of conferences and personal stories. All organizations of this kind need to tell their story. A blog is one logical tool.

The Boutique Galerie KRD in Paris uses blog technology for a news function. No comments, trackback or links (so far) but the option of subscribing to a feed. This we'll see more of, I think. Small companies using blog publishing systems to add functionality and syndication to their sites.

The Swedish Travel Agency Svenska Lloyd Resebyrå wants to, among other things, deepen their understanding of their customers' wishes and the places they travel to. A blog is a good way to both generate and share knowledge.

And finally, I always recommend everyone to read the Tinbasher blog. You should too.

Posted by Fredrik Wackå Saturday, June 25, 2005
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