GlaxoSmithKline blogs about health to stimulate debate

GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceutical company headquartered in the UK, is blogging. More specifically it's GSK Laboratory in France (of course) that has started Avenir de la Santé.

I don't understand French at all, but judging from different translation services on the web it's a blog about the future of health. It's focused on debate and discussion, and they explain openly how comments are managed, for example.

At least two things are interesting in this.

First of all it's a blog supported by the top level of GSK Laboratory. Veronique Delvolvé, Director of Public Affairs, is coordinating the blog with the involvement of the chairman.

Second, this is one of the industries that has always been among the most careful and conservative in terms of market communications. But now they're blogging. In Europe. Amazing.

If any French speaking reader of this feel like telling the rest of us more about what they're actually writing -- please comment!

Via b-spirit, pointblog.

Posted by Fredrik Wackå Friday, June 03, 2005
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