Tracking Links Important To Our Conversation

Blog Herald asks "Is tracking links dead?".
I hope not. I have wished for better tools to track conversation before, but we're still stuck with Technorati, Feedster or PubSub. And they're just not good enough. Either they don't track enough blogs or their services aren't reliable enough.

You could say that this is just the "nerdy" part of blogging. Desperat bloggers staring at their screens hoping that someone will pick up their ideas. You could say that the relevant contacts will be taken anyway (MSN Messenger, e-mail, Skype or whatever).

But I don't agree.

There are different levels of conversation. The basis of it all is link tracking. It's an important tool to find new blogs, to measure how an idea spreads, to find out what others are saying in areas that are important for us (that is, the things we write about). What we write in our own blog is usually a lot more interesting than what most of us write in blog comments.

I think there's a market for a really good link tracking service. Money to be made. Since I have a problem with companies that owns too much of a market, in this case services in relation to the web, I hope someone beats Google to it. But I'm getting to the point where I might accept even Google.

By the way, have I told you that Gigablast's site search is way better than Google's?

Posted by Fredrik Wackå Thursday, February 24, 2005
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