Communications Commissioner Turns To Blogging

Swedish EU Commissioner Margot Wallström has started a blog. She writes:

I have decided to write a diary during my five year term to give people an idea of what it is like to be a Commissioner and how the EU looks from the inside. (Yes, the blog phenomenon has not escaped my attention!).
This is a good answer to my question from October 4: How Will The European Union Talk With Us - Not At Us?.

I actually sent Wallström an e-mail suggesting she start a blog. If that in any way influenced her to start this blog I'm glad (I only got a standard answer from an assistant, though).

The first post looks promising. There's a language, and a content, we might not expect from a commissioner. We get serious reflections on the tsunami disaster but we also learn that she has put on weight during the Holidays. And I like her summary of 2004: It "sucked"!

According to the EUobserver, link via Steve, she is writing herself. Interactive functions are said to be under construction. I hope they come soon - and that an RSS feed is one of the things they're working on.

Posted by Fredrik Wackå Friday, January 14, 2005
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