From Fortune To Gigablast

Here's a couple of the blog related stories that has caught my interest the last couple of days. Concerning the terrible situation I guess we all follow closely I only have one thing to say - donate. Sometimes words just can't express enough.

Why There's No Escaping the Blog
"But how to speak directly to this swarm? Wary of a Mazda-like fiasco, most companies that want to blog try to walk a fine line: telling employee bloggers to be honest but also encouraging evangelism. Corporate propaganda almost always drives readers away; real people with real opinions keep them coming back."

Bloggers Beware: Debunking Eight Copyright Myths of the Online World
"...the misinformation that's flying around about copyright is encouraging people to do things that are not merely illegal, but potentially extremely costly."

Blogging: NOT for Everyone
"You just got a whiff of what I don't dig about blogging - someone rants about something they just thought of. It's the opposite of helpful. I like my information from people who do some research."

The Long Tail explained
As Hans Henrik I have with surprise noticed more and more people talking about "the long tail". It's an interesting market theory which Wired explains pretty good.

Better site search than Google?
I'm not very pleased with the Google site search you find below. It doesn't index all pages and it indexes too slow, I think. Gigablast promises to index all pages " the rate of about one page every five seconds" and that pages "...will be reindexed every hour if the content changes that often." Sounds good for bloggers. I will try it soon.

Posted by Fredrik Wackå Thursday, December 30, 2004
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