Blogs In An Open Source Marketing Setting

Blogs are not just a new marketing tool. They represent a more profound shift in communications and marketing. Maybe it's a bit early to talk about a new marketing paradigm, but we are getting there. Fast.
To put blogging in a broader perspective I've interviewed Fredrik Hallberg about Open Source Marketing, OSM. Fredrik is an experienced internet strategy adviser, and a doctoral candidate at Stockholm University.

- OSM is built on free access to information and discussions so there is a need to have some communication tools present. Weblogs are one of the necessary tools. More generally speaking, OSM is a perspective on marketing where marketers do no longer perceive their consumers as passive targets for corporate messages but as active partners in their value creation processes. This way OSM not only puts the right perspective on blogging but also how to unleash the true power of the Internet, Fredrik Hallberg says.
Fredrik defines OSM as a marketing concept based on the fact that Internet is built on distributed communication and not centralized distribution.

- Today's marketing communications theories stems from the model first conceptualized by Shannon and Weaver 1949, where a sender transmits a message to a receiver. Their model is essentially one way while the internet is built on two way communications. Also Shannon and Weavers theory is based on one-to-many communications while the internet is more of a many-to-many communications medium. These facts coupled with how we as humans use the internet create a need to find a new marketing concept theory. Open source marketing fills this gap and as the name indicates it is very much built upon the open source movement and its culture.
Looking for examples of OSM we can of course find several software projects. But I find it more interesting to relate to other businesses. Fredrik mentions the, in his view, three most successful examples outside the technology sphere.