RSS To Mobile Phones

The W3C is considering to start a "Mobile Web Initiative". The goal of this initiative would be to make Web access from a mobile device as simple, easy and convenient as Web access from a desktop device. A workshop will be held in Barcelona later this week.
As a very pleased P910i-user I'm thrilled to read Sony Ericsson's position paper:

"We believe that RSS has a great potential in mobile phones, as a technology to automatically provide updated content to users - accessing the Web without browsing".
RSS is not directly linked to blogging, of course, and I suspect that Sony Ericsson mainly see non-blog related uses of RSS (news etc). But that doesn't matter, does it? If they build the infrastructure it is up to us to use it anyway we want. And I bet many blogs will be among the feeds we read through our mobile phones if it becomes really easy. There are solutions for mobile access already, but maybe not as easy as "from a desktop device".

Posted by Fredrik Wackå Monday, November 15, 2004
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