The Internet's Third Step: Humanisation

Richard Giles' presentation on corporate blogging argues that blogs are a part of the Net's third major development. First we had research, then commercialisation became focus and for the last couple of years the movement has been towards humanisation, with Napster as the first important example.

From this perspective he gives us some reasons for companies to blog - not unsimiliar to my suggestions, but differently formulated. I especially like this one. Simple, obvious but fundamental.

1. Because the internet is humanising, and blogs help humanise a company.
To humanise your company, and if you don't, someone else will, whether it's your competitor, or customers. If you don't show the human face of the company, people are less likely to trust you, especially when other humanised web presences are talking about your product, industry or company. Blogs show the personality and authenticity of a company. This makes companies and employees more approachable.

(From Corporate Engagement)

Posted by Fredrik Wackå Thursday, October 28, 2004
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