5 000 Corporate Bloggers In The World Today

The corporate blogosphere is made up of 5 000 people according to David Sifry of Technorati.
A very large part is blogging for Microsoft and Sun.

It is interesting to get a quantitive measure of the development to be able to follow it. I think though that the number is too low. I often come across corporate blogs that Technorati does not track - in fact, I find myself using Bloglines more and more to track conversations. Anyway, a good initiative from Sifry and I hope he will do follow-ups. And I fully agree with his conclusion:

"...we are still at the relative start of accepted use of blogging as a part of corporate policy - and that there is still a tremendous opportunity for forward-thinking companies and management to have a significant positive impact on their public perception by encouraging an enlightened blogging policy, encouraging openness both within and outside of the organization."

Posted by Fredrik Wackå Monday, October 18, 2004
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