Six Types Of Business Blogs - A Classification

Corporate (or Business, Organizational) blogs can be classified into six different categories. Each category shares common characteristics and the blog content can be expected to differ between the categories. Furthermore, there's differences in terms of target groups and purposes.
Even if we also see hybrid forms where blogs are examples of more than one category, an organization that professionally incorporates blogging into its communications strategy will likely prioritize one purpose (for each blog).

At least, that's what I think and suggests. A recent post and discussion got me going on this.
Why do we need a classification at all, you might ask. One situation I have in mind is when a corporate communications manager seriously wants to investigate the potential benefits of blogging. Doing that, she could stumble upon so hugely different blogs that nothing would make any sense. But with the help of a filter of some kind - a classification - research and discussion would be much easier. It would also make it less confusing to talk about "blogs" on a general level.

So, this is my idea. Opinions appreciated!

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