Corporate Blogger Todd Sattersten

The 800CEOREAD Blog is a perfect example of the way a blog can establish you as an expert. 800-CEO-READ are "selling and recommending business books to the business community". You could also say that with the blog they're a company selling knowledge with knowledge.

800-CEO-READ's blogger Todd Sattersten (also blogging at A Penny for... and participating at the Global PR Week) is the fourth blogger to answer my survey on corporate blogging.

What do you expect/hope that the blog will deliver in terms of marketing and branding? Something different compared to other ways of communication?
For 800CEOREAD, we want to further establish ourselves as experts in business books. With our blog, we have created a place where customers and prospects spend more time with our brand. We give them book reviews. We expose them to authors. We give them an inside view into the publishing industry. For people who love business books, we are the best single source for information.

What is different is that the blog allows for constant communication. If people read the blog every day, they are spending two to seven minutes with us every day. Mailers get thrown away and email get deleted. RSS allows the posts to be delivered to them and they can opt-out at any time. Blogging by its nature is more personal than other marketing communication. I think that strikes a chord with people.

Has clients or prospects reacted in any way? What do they think?
Positive, Positive, Positive. We just had a customer leave a comment saying he started using 800CEOREAD after reading the blog. People see the blog as a great resource.

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