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My series of blogger interviews has focused on small business bloggers. So why not end it with a small business marketing expert? John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, with The Duct Tape Marketing Weblog, concludes that "smart marketers are adding (blogs) to the mix, but not necessarily looking at it as a way to revolutionalize marketing as we know it."

What do you expect/hope that the blog will deliver in terms of marketing and branding? Something different compared to other ways of communication?
The one thing that my blog seems to do in terms of branding is that it allows people to feel more personally connected. It's almost as though you create a little community of readers. I think this is true for several reason. One, most well read blogs are updated almost daily, and the format of quick little bits allow people to check-up often.

The other thing that blogs seem to do is generate a lot of search traffic. I don't really know why but Google in particular loves to index my blog entries so I get lots of hits from searchers. Blogs are a very hot topic in the media and my blog comes up number one if you search on the term Marketing Weblog.

Another thing that I use my blog for is a bit of a testing ground for marketing messages. Because I know that my target market will read my blog and usually react, I get feedback on what works and doesn't work very quickly. Some of my weblog entries will show up in Google for a key search term in several days so then I can build on that if I wish.

Has clients or prospects reacted in any way? What do they think?
Most people really love it but, like all marketing, there are some people who would just as soon get a hand written note from me. I think the lesson is that the weblog can be just another form of marketing, much like the Internet itself. Smart marketers are adding it to the mix, but not necessarily looking at it as a way to revolutionalize marketing as we know it.

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