Corporate Blogger Ed Kuhlman

Ed Kuhlman of Kuhlman Auction is a good writer. And what in the auction business could have been just a nice skill, becomes through his blog a competetive advantage.
Ed is the fifth business blogger in my survey. Thanks Ed, for answering my questions.

What do you expect/hope that the blog will deliver in terms of marketing and branding? Something different compared to other ways of communication?
I hope that I can use blogging to differentiate myself from my competition. Blogging gives me a way to let people know about who I am and what sort of things are important to me in my business. Each business has it's own set of competencies that it tries to utilize to it's best advantage. For instance, some auctioneers come into the business with skills, equipment, or knowledge from another previous business.
I feel that one of my competitive advantages is my written communication ability. The blog gives me a chance to use this skill. Even though my competition could easily have their own blog, most of them won't do it because they may not have the same level of comfort with written communication.

My long term goal is to have many of my customers using my auction web site to keep aware of my upcoming auctions. My customers come from some distance for auctions and it is difficult if not impossible to reach them efficiently with newspapers or radio ads. By sending an e-mailed blog to my subscriber's list, I can keep in touch with regular customers. My business is a small family business but the blog allows me to project a larger image to prospective customers.

Has clients or prospects reacted in any way? What do they think?
At present most of my business comes from referrals from earlier customers or from my network of contacts. I am using my blog to expand the range of potential contacts. The responses to my blog have been very positive.

It gives me "visibility" that I could not otherwise get. It does take time to keep up and do a good job with a blog. If a business has a blog there must be someone who has the responsibility for updating it. It doesn't really take too long to do, but it does require discipline.

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