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Ray Cox pretty much hated the electronic world, he says. He found it very impersonal and full of old news. But in 2002 a friend of his talked to him about weblogs. "I liked what I saw, and as they say, the rest is history... I was off and blogging".

Today he runs and He is the first corporate blogger to answer my survey - and he'll tell you about concrete results from blogging. Stay tuned for more in the coming days.

What do you expect/hope that the blog will deliver in terms of marketing and branding? Something different compared to other ways of communication?
I hope the NCC blog will let people have a good feel for my company. I don't do speculation home building...only custom client projects. I want to make sure people know they have real people that live in our area building their homes and commercial buildings. The connections I post to the site try to show the real human side of the building business, not just the nuts and bolts part. I work both into the site. The blog format is not a "stale" webpage designed by some marketing is a real life snapshot of life here. I also try to include things about Northfield from time to time to help people from out of town get to know the city.

Has clients or prospects reacted in any way? What do they think?
I have had several very good contact reports from my site. We have had a few jobs where the people straight out tell us they decided to work with NCC after visiting our site and determining "we were the kind of company they were looking for".

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Posted by Fredrik Wackå Sunday, June 27, 2004
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